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Attorney Martyn Elberg understands the frustration and fear most people face when dealing with the court system, which is why it is so important for you to know and protect your rights. Marty will educate and counsel you on your rights. His goal is to help you work out a fair settlement in a timely manner, before the cost of litigation gets out of control. 

Since 2007, Marty has been working with clients in family law matters. His experience has been that most clients want to know how much a case will cost. After our case review consultation, he will calculate how much your set flat fee will be through mediation. Fortunately, most cases do settle at or before mediation without the need for a trial. If your case does not settle, the cost of trying a family matter will depend on the facts of your case. As your attorney, Marty will represent you with compassion and understanding, and he will aggressively work on your behalf to achieve the result you desire.